We’ve tried to think of everything you might want to know about Ski Fit 365, but if there’s something you still can’t find the answer to, just get in touch and ask.

What do I need to play Ski Fit 365?

You will need the following:

  • Any VR headset and controllers.
  • A Wi-Fi connection.
  • A long sock or elastic strap to attach the left controller to your leg, just below your left knee.
  • An open 2 metre space.
  • If your VR headset requires, you will need a computer to open a browser and run the game (not required for the Oculus Quest headset).

How do I play Ski Fit 365?

Once you are in an open 2 metre space, put your VR headset on and go to your internet browser. Go to ‘skifit365.com’ using the search bar and head to our website.

On the homepage of our website, there is a banner at the top that reads ‘play SKI FIT 365 In VR Now’. Click here and the game will begin to load. Select the box at the bottom of the game screen that reads ‘VR’, and you will quickly be on your way to the Ski Fit 365 slopes!

Place your left controller at the top of your shin on the inside, this will allow your turns to be tracked accurately by rolling your knees to move side to side. Crouch down in a squat stance, the lower you go, the faster you will go.

Click below to watch a tutorial by Olympic UK Skier Tim Dudgeon on how to play Ski Fit 365

How does the leg tracking work?

  • The leg tracking technology works by the controller measuring the movement of your legs, with the headset tracking this movement in accordance with your upper body.
  • The controller then, sits on the inside of your knee and tracks your movement.
  • Being able to track your leg movements as you ski to give the most real skiing experience is a world first for VR games

How much does Ski Fit 365 cost?

  • Nothing, it is completely FREE! 
  • There are in-game purchases, for new outfits, ski poles and access to the whole range of courses available.

How many slopes are there to choose from?

  • There is a brand-new slope to play everyday
  • All slopes can be unlocked immediately through a one-time purchase

Where did the idea for Ski Fit 365 come from?

Ski Fit 365 has been developed by British Olympic skier Tim Dudgeon and Playko Game Designer, Yinch. The first iteration came in the form of the Woodway Carver Treadmill developed through this collaboration of practical ski knowledge and innovative technology. When everyday life ground to a halt in 2020, it sparked the thought process for how the latest Virtual Reality technology could bring skiing straight to you.

Once the premise for Ski Fit 365 had formed, the first stage in development began. With fitness in mind, an early version of the game used a BOSU ball for the player to stand on however, due to its difficulty, it was quickly set aside in favour of developing leg tracking software. This sets Ski Fit 365 apart from other VR games on the market.

Creating a life-like ski experience was at the forefront of the development for Ski Fit 365. Tim’s knowledge and experience was a valuable tool in developing the authenticity of the game. In collaboration with Yinch, the team created a truly unique gaming experience centered around immersing the player in a virtual ski resort.

Accessibility was an important feature in the development of Ski Fit 365. This was achieved using the latest Web XR technology. Web XR brings virtual reality to web browsers, making it easily accessible to play. Tapping into the power of the web from your VR headset, you simply follow the link, and you will be immediately immersed in our life-like ski resort.

Why is it called Ski Fit 365?

  • Ski – Well, it is exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Fit – Ski Fit 365 as an immersive VR experience, has realistic life-like demands on your body, just like real life skiing. The unique combination of fitness and skiing allows you to enjoy the unique gameplay and get a great workout at the same time.
  • 365 – You can hit the slopes all-day, every-day, 365 days of the year. Plus a new ski run is available to all players every single day.

Do I need an account to play Ski Fit 365?

  • No! To play Ski Fit 365, it is as simple as can be. You simply put the headset on and play.
  • If you’re quick enough for a spot on the leaderboard, it will ask for a name to display. Just type your name in (or nickname), and it will show up there for the rest of the day unless someone beats your time, of course!
  • You are required to log into your Facebook account in your Oculus headset though.

Tips and Tricks

To keep you cool and make your experience just that bit more authentic, place a fan in front of you while you play Ski Fit 365. A cooler temperature can help keep you comfortable while you work out and there is nothing better than a breeze on your face as you race down the mountain.

How do we contact you?

You can email us at info@skifit365.com

Or drop us a message on our social media channels: