Brings the Mountains to You

Thank you to everyone who came to meet the mountain with us at National Snow Show 2021.

Click here for free demo of Ski Fit 365
Available in-browser on Quest or any webXR-capable VR headset

This virtual reality game can be played through any VR browser, making it a world first as an accessible online, interactive VR gaming experience which makes the most of immersive technology to bring the slopes to you. No installation required. Best on Oculus Quest 2 and playable on any WebXR headset.

With Ski Fit 365’s unique VR lower-body leg tracking for realistic ski fitness, we invite you to enjoy a new slope every day. Simply put the headset on, the controller in your sock and instantly join a global skiing community. VR will fly you by helicopter into the resort and as you enter the lobby, you are surrounded by the luxury, sights and sounds of a top-quality resort. Visit the shop to select your outfit from a range of complimentary styles. Look out for future updates, where you can upgrade your ski holiday experience with in-app purchases, including more outfits, ski equipment, courses and locations. Kitted out with all your equipment, head to the cable-car to ride up to the start of the slope run.

From the ski hut, hurtle down the slopes in a unique realistic leg-controlled steering experience, aiming for your personal best. With aching legs and adrenaline pumping, cross the finish line to see your time. Whether you’re a beginner on the blue run or a pro eating up the black runs, pit yourself on the global leaderboard with others who love the thrill of racing. Another way to bring the competition to you is through the Ski Squad, register with Facebook and create your own leaderboard with your friends and compete for the podium.