Hear what world-famous, World cup, and Olympic skiers have to say about Ski Fit 365

Croatia Ski Team

Croatia Testimonials from Filip Zubčić and Samuel Kolega

“Hey guys, I’m a member of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team. I just tried this new product “Ski Fit 365”, and I think it’s a really awesome thing, the experience was pretty real.

Filip Zubčić

“I’m a part of the Croatian National Ski Team. We just tried Ski Fit 365. It’s a really cool experience, as an Alpine skier I can say it feels really real! Good exercise and a really cool experience.”

Samuel Kolega

USA Ski Team Testimonial

USA Testimonials from Travis Ganong and Kyle Negomir

“How’s it going, I’m a US Ski Team member, and Olympian. I just tried Ski Fit 365, and, it’s really realistic, very similar to skiing actually. I was pleasantly surprised. Most ski video games are not at all like the real thing.”

Travis ganong

“Hi, I’m a world cup downhill skier for the US Ski Team. Me and my teammates just tried Ski Fit 365. It’s the most realistic ski racing game I have ever done so I really enjoyed it.”

Kyle Negomir