Ski fit 365: From Idea to Reality

Ski Fit 365 was developed by British Olympic skier, Tim Dudgeon, and Playko Studios Game Designer, Yin-Chien Yeap. Their collaboration combines practical and professional skiing knowledge with expertise in innovative Virtual Reality technology. After 20 years in the making, and the launch of the Woodway Carver Treadmill in 2019, it was time for a new challenge. When everyday life ground to a halt in 2020, it set the stage for creative thinking to adapt to a new reality.

Creating an authentic skiing adventure experience for your own home demanded both ingenuity and creativity from Tim and Yinch. The advances in virtual reality online through Web XR technology provided the ideal platform for Ski Fit 365. As a British Olympic skier, Tim’s skills and knowledge ensured a realistic ski experience was built and honed. This emphasis on realism led to Yinch adapting standard VR technology to create a world-first in leg tracking capabilities. This is a crucial part of the true-to-life skiing experience that sets Ski Fit 365 apart from other VR games on the market.

Ski Fit 365 has teamed up with Jack Gower, a member of the British Ski Team, to test and promote the game. Rest assured, with this many ski experts on board you are in for the most realistic and immersive ski experience on the VR market.

Playko Studios

Explore. Create. Encourage. Playko Studios cultivates a culture of learning and exploring to inspire emerging talent to create, not just consume, digital media. All with a spirit of encouragement which prizes adaptability to produce creative, bespoke real-world digital solutions. Playko’s base is in Oxfordshire, with offices and a virtual reality suite located in a school to allow the company to contribute to the local educational ecosystem.

Ski Fit 365: A Winning Collaboration

Ski Fit 365 is a world-first online, interactive VR gaming experience that makes the most of immersive technology to bring the mountains to you. Using the latest WebXR technology, Ski Fit 365 brings virtual reality to web browsers, making it easily accessible to play. Tapping into the power of the web from your VR headset, you simply follow the link and hit play.

An elite collaboration of forward-thinking agile businesses has made it possible to bring this virtual reality game to the world of Web XR. During the game’s first build, it quickly became clear the chosen engine – Unity – did not have the capacity for Ski Fit 365. Enter stage left – Jonathan Hale from the Wonderland Engine ready with the solution.

Wonderland Engine is a development platform that focuses on WebXR. It solves the challenges WebXR developers face today: performance, load times and workflow. Wonderland Engine’s mission is to make WebXR development more fun by empowering developers to make the impossible possible. Once this hurdle was overcome, a workable version of the game was quickly created.

In addition, Construct Arcade has played a key role in the development of Ski Fit 365. Construct Arcade is an immersive web games portal, a place where developers can publish their games to a community of gamers. The integration between Construct Arcade and Wonderland Engine has allowed multiuser features to be added to the game. The creation of the leader board was down to their innovative technology and expertise. Additionally, this winning collaboration are developing a multiuser racing feature which will come soon, so watch this space for updates.